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Professional Grade - 2.5cm X 13.7m


Buying Options

Single Roll - $5.50

Tube of 12 Rolls - $5.50 per roll)


Product Description

Coast Sports Medical Supplies 25mm Rigid Strapping Tape is a professional grade strapping tape for ultimate support of the thumb joint and other small joints.

Rigid Tape provides firm support & performs well in both wet & dry conditions, and conforms to the contours of the body resisting creasing, making it easier for a superior application. 

This tape is made from a porous Rayon fabric, which allows for perspiration to escape, minimising the chance of skin damage, maintaining the holding properties of the tape.



  • Rayon material
  • Latex Free 
  • Zinc oxide glue
  • High strength
  • Easy to hand tear
  • Consistent unwinding
  • Excellent moulding to body
  • Leaves no residue on skin
  • Economical

25mm Rigid Strapping Tape

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