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SPACE CABIN cryosaunas boast the longest history in the whole-body cryotherapy market. SPACE CABIN cryosaunas were one of the first cryotherapy machines produced and delivered to overseas countries in the beginning of the 21st century. We have been producing, upgrading, servicing, and improving our cryosaunas since 2002. We strongly believe that to provide best whole-body cryotherapy session, a quality cryosauna should meet highest safety standards. That is why we always strive to improve and implement cutting-edge technologies into our SPACE CABIN cryosaunas to be sure that our clients in any part of the world will get the most reliable, upgraded and safe cryotherapy machine. Here you can find the best cryo chambers for sale in the global market.
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In the Space Cabin cryosaunas we use reliable components from trusted suppliers. Our cryotherapy machines are thoroughly tested and come with a CE certificate.
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Due to the state-of-the-art construction of our cryosaunas and the shape of the cabin the consumption of liquid nitrogen for a session is minimal.
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Operating our cryosaunas is as easy as using a cell phone. 10’’ touch screen and user-friendly software make conducting a session smooth and effortless.
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Order the Space Cabin cryotherapy machine from the manufacturer with 15-year experience

Get customized solution with your individual cryo chamber. We are firmly committed to providing best service to our customers with the focus on thorough training of your personnel and full post-sale support package.


Cryotherapy, which literally means “cold therapy,” is a technique which involves exposing the body to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. The cold temperature affects your skin’s surface, triggering your thermoreceptors to send signals to the brain making you ‘think’ you are freezing. This sends your body into a defensive mode by quickly transporting the body’s blood, nutrients, and resources to the organs in the core. During this process the body starts oxygenating your blood, flushing it of toxins and lactic acid. Cryosauna is the fastest, safest and best way to do cryotherapy treatments. 

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