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Professional Stretch Band Plus - 7.5cm X 4.5m (Nylon EAB)


Buying Options

Single Roll - $8.50


Product Description

  • Nylon Cotton Material / Tan colour elastic adhesive bandage
  • Latex free, hot melt adhesive, causes less allergic reactions risks  
  • Soft and comfortable Strong and reliable stickiness 
  • Scissor Cut required
  • Provides maximum compression
  • No pins or clips required. Finish off/secure with rigid strapping tape
  • Similar to Elastoplast Elastoband



  • Ultimate support for larger joints such as knees and shoulders under high stress loads
  • Ideal for Soccer, Netball and particularly Rugby League & Union whre stress loads are high
  • Also ideal for minimising swelling and providing additional support as an over-wrap
  • Can be used as incredibly strong compression treatment for injuries to minimise recovery time

75mm Professional Stretch Band Plus - Nylon EAB

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